USA pictures – day 1

Hollywood sign 

DAY 1 – Los Angeles City Tour

I arrived in ‘the city of Angels’ on wednesday the 11th of May 2005 after a wrecking 13 or so hours flight. Now arriving in the land of the free is always something special. There is the security check where you are asked if you’ve packed your bag yourselves, the metal detector to ensure you don’t carry guns or weapons of some kind, the police officers with big guns to pin you down when you make a sudden movement and my favourite: the questionnaire you get on the plane where you are asked if you have the intention to participate in terrorist activities. Not knowing if I was into that I looked for the ‘optional’ spot but was only allowed ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Since I had a whole 3 week trip planned and not wanted to risk being send back, I chose the last one.

An hour later I arrived at the Hacienda hotel, a 630 room full-service hotel. Due to the long flight I decided to hit the sack at about 09.00 PM.

I woke up on thursday 12th of May bright and early to do the ‘Grand Tour of LA’. Since I was all by myself and L.A. is such a big city (Los Angeles is the largest city in California and the second largest city in the USA) I decited not to tempt the odds to get lost, and booked a tour on

The tour featured the highlights of Los Angeles including a visit to Hollywood and the famous Mann’s Chinese Theatre (where Oscar nominations are being held each year), Venice ‘Muscle’ Beach (with no sign of Pamela ‘Baywatch’ Anderson whatsoever), Little Tokyo, and so on.

What I liked most was Rodeo Drive. Rodeo Drive is one of the most celebraed and exclusive shopping streets in the world, you’ll find Italian designer boutiques, the best in French fashion and world-class jewelers.
I felt a shopping spree coming up until I noticed the price tags. Now I know why this spot is ‘hot’ according to Paris Hilton and why I am oblidged to stick to window shopping.

As a big ‘Grease’ fan I was very happy to visit the school John ‘Danny’ Travolta and Olivia ‘Sandy’ Newton-John stayed in.

There are so many movie locations in this city it’s impossible to find a street that hasn’t served as one.

All in all I liked the city. Yes Hollywood is a big fake and the glitter and glamour is far away once you leave the 90210 area, but for a movie freak like me, this was an unforgettable day



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